T he Thermographyis a technique that involves the graphic record of heat from the surface of a body in the form of infrared radiation, this chart registry provides temperature information at different points of the body, giving a quantitative (thermal pattern) and qualitative (very close to the real) information about object temperature. It is thus shown that thermography as a fundamental tool of analysis, demonstrating its utility in three basic points:

No contact, using remote sensing:

  • Keeps the user out of danger.
  • It is not intrusive and does not affect the object of the measure.

Is two-dimensional:

  • Allows comparison between different areas of the object of measurement.
  • The image allows an overview of the "thermal problem".
  • Thermal field is displayed facilitating their analysis.

It performs at real-time:

  • Very fast display of stationary states.
  • Display transient states.

The advantages of a preventive maintenance program are:

  • Plant reliability improvement through the use of preventive maintenance gives a substantial reduction in the inventory of spare parts.
  • Its use often reveals the hidden causes that prevail in persistent failures, allowing the implementing of effective solutions.
  • With it you can evaluate the effectiveness of the repair upon completion.

The Thermographic technology has become one of the most valuable and faster diagnostic tools of information. To implement an inspection by thermography plant will bring immediate benefits, as it will be like taking the temperature throughout your plant.


From IinstyValve offer the service of inspection and audit prediction by Infrared Thermography, as an exercise of preventive maintenance and energy efficiency of processes.

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